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Cast What You Will, Get What You Deserve: Sample

Kevin rubbed at his eyes and then shook his head as hard as he could. His head throbbed and it felt like his skull was going to explode. He bore down on the pain until he saw white flashes behind his tightly closed eyelids. He spoke aloud, "Kevin, pull yourself together. We've got to do this now. Plenty of time for sleep after it's over."

He picked up the book and flipped through it to an earlier chapter. The words were hard to decipher. The writing was spidery and none too dark any longer. Once he could see what it said he had to decipher what it meant. He rubbed his eyes again and then went back to the depiction of the circle. "Gef, jorka, jorja, dahm," he chanted.

He repeated it again and thrust his hand, palm open, out over the slanted symbol. A second repetition of the chant and he twisted his hand to the left slowly. The symbol twisted with his hand. It stopped when his hand stopped. It was now set to right. He flipped back to the earlier chapter again and whispered the chant to himself. With it he gathered the lime and oak ashes up into a mound on one of the bloated symbols. The symbol became clean and crisp in shape.

Kevin got to his feet. Everything was in order now. He turned the page from the circle to the incantation that went with it. He nearly dropped the book. He had almost forgotten the other four candles. There were to be four lights, representative of each direction of the compass. The fifth light was representative of him and it stood at the top of the circle, between south and west.

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