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Why is This Audio Book Free?

This audio book is being presented free of charge so that you may know what this author is like before spending your money to buy one of his other books. This audio story represents many things about the style and the voice of the author. It presents a complete tale, which is always easier to judge than a mere snippet of a story. Until such time that the author's books are available from your local public library, or on shelves in stores in physical format, this is the only way to test out the work of the author, at no charge. Please go ahead and download this audio book.

If you find this story to your liking please buy yourself a copy of this author's complete short story collection available for sale on the main page. Please note that the ratings system in use on this site is your indication of what to expect from the stories involved. The free audio book is targeted at a wider, and potentially younger, audience. Please take this into your considerations. Thank you.

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