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Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™: Previews

Issue 3-5

1) Letter from the Editor

Wow, it is so hard to believe that this is the second to the last issue for the year already. It hardly seems like a lot of time has passed at all. Yet it has. It wasn't yesterday that I was writing my first horror poem, and ramping up to talk about Robert Englund. That wasn't even this year. That was more than eight(!) months ago. Remember?

2) Sin

The deep black inside thrives,
On the broken lives,
Shattered dreams,
And tears in streams,
Lust and hate it drives.

3) Ghostly Illumination #5

In 1947 what was then an unnoteworthy birth occurred. It would not be until 1974 that the first impact of this occurrence, that the importance, would begin to be felt. That boy in the interim had grown up and gone to university to study in the areas of writing and teaching. He had written a novel, and in an often told, and well care-worn tale, tossed it in the trash. His devoted wife though would hear nothing of such a waste and...

4) The Iyerpok Hotel

The wind howled furiously. It ripped through the snow on the ground sending it flying up in sheets. The deep cold of the air drove itself straight through him into his bones. It did not chill him; he was already dead. It could prove to be problematic when he got where he was going. It might take literally hours on end to bring his temperature up to something not totally unnerving.

5) Good Clean Family Fun

The axe whistled through the air and tore through the foreign exchange boy. Blood sprayed out in a massive geyser. Gary screamed and ran. He weaved between the trees. Lightning speared through the sky above. The forest lit up in blue-white brilliance.

Gary skidded to a halt as the rain began to torrent from the sky. On one of the trees, a few feet off of the ground, was Jimmy. Well it was half of Jimmy...

6) Review: 976-EVIL

High school nerd Hoax Wilmoth is stuck in a backwater burgh trying to get through a life full of leather clad bullies and his religious zealot, cat-collecting mother. His cousin Spike is living a normal life across the side yard in a separate dwelling and Hoax wants nothing more than to be like him. Unknown to Hoax his cousin Spike has his own problems.

7) Review: The Birds and the Bees

Nature is starting to run amok. It's almost as if the end of the world has come. Black birds are beginning to appear in greater and greater numbers. Swarms of what can only be described as killer bees begin to attack with rapidly alarming frequency. Then the birds begin to attack people too. How can anyone conquer or stop these two growing plagues? As the body count begins to rise...

8) Sun Cycle: Persuasive Evening

Warning: May be unsuitable for some readers. This story contains mature subject matter, disturbing situations, and coarse language. Reader Discretion is Advised.

I don't really want to talk about what Jake said to me. To be honest I'm not really sure how I feel about what he said. I can say it was like a sucker punch and I felt like he had actually slugged me in the stomach. I don't think that I will talk it about it. There are more important things for me to review.

9) Sommatoria #5

This issue we have delved into some very different areas of horror. We have been party to things that many others will never fathom. It is an experience that is personal to each of us, private to our darkest heart. There are strings of commonality we may all share, though. Now is the time to think about it as a whole; one solid, cohesive unit. It is time for the Sommatoria.

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