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Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™: Previews

Issue 2-6

1) Letter from the Editor

This is the last issue of the current year. Next year of course starts in October. There will be some definite changes. The non-fiction articles in the second slot that have been on different topics are coming to an end with this issue. I've kind of run out of steam to support them any longer. Fear not though, something will replace them. I hope not to lessen the number of items in each issue.

2) Horror Stars?

Horror certainly has never had a lack of actors with which to use in its films. It has drawn everyone from no-name actors and actresses to really big-name actors and actresses. It has even turned many from the former into the latter. Amongst them all are some names that many people would never have expected to have seen involved with a horror movie.

3) Horror Movie Franchise Discussion #9

In the mid 1990's the cinema was pretty much a vast wasteland as far as horror was considered. There were the sequels, the pieces of franchises that many look down on, and not always without reason. There was Halloween this and Friday that. Sadly Freddy was dead and seemed to be staying that way. Then along came none other than Wes Craven and a writer who was doing sappy TV melodrama full of angsty teens.

4) Ghost of the Navigator

He licked his lips and then told me, "Yes, I am looking to put this watch in the hands of someone who will more appreciate it than I do. It is a fine timepiece, but I am not happy under the auspices of how I acquired it. Or to put it more precisely I am not happy with its previous owner... Here is one of my business cards. You can contact me when you know what is what. It looks like you have been here in this location a fair while."

5) No Fury

Warning: May be unsuitable for some readers. This story contains mature subject matter, disturbing situations, and coarse language. Reader Discretion is Advised.

Carol staggered into the office. She slipped off her slingbacks and looked at the rough patch on the left one where the heel had formerly been attached. With a heavy sigh she set them down next to her desk and shoved them underneath of it. Jessica sauntered in a moment later as Carol settled into her chair. As if she had radar for such a thing Jessica asked, "What happened to you dear? You look quite worse for wear."

6) Review: The Cell

The Cell is a thriller about a laboratory where a person or two can enter the mind of a third person. The lab is being funded and used by a rich man who has a son that is in a sort of coma because of an advanced state of schizophrenia. Psychologist Catherine Deane is using the lab to enter the mind of little Edward Baines to try and bring him back to reality... Then the FBI comes in with a man, a serial murderer, who is in a state similar to that of young Edward.

7) Review: The Mothman Prophecies

The Mothman Prophecies is based upon the true story of strange goings on in a small town in West Virginia. Reporter John Klein and his wife leave from laying down the first steps to buying their new dream home. On the road they have an accident and his wife is injured. She saw something and it hit the car. The event is totally surreal and she doesn't mention it, especially in light of the fact that a scan of her brain shows a cancerous tumour.

8) PSY3007 Act #6

Tony Todd Whittermeyer rummaged around on Benjamin's desk. There were all manners of papers, but he could not find what he needed. He looked under the desk, but it did not have any drawers. Somewhere the boy must have one of those mechanical pens with the nib attached and the ink inside. Tony desperately needed to leave a note. Time had run out all too quickly.

9) Hangman's Noose #6

The Hanged Man knows all about rules. He learned the hard way. In much the same manner people in horror stories learn the rules. Unlike the Hanged Man though, if they learn the rules they usually survive. Like the Hanged Man if they break the rules then they die. Horror rules are no more apparent than those in horror franchises. Those series of connected films are all about the rules.

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