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Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™: Previews

Issue 2-1

1) Letter from the Editor

Here we are to kick off the beginning of the second year of the E-Rag. I certainly hope that every one had as much fun as I did in the first year. I have some changes for this new year. As you can see already, I have changed the colour scheme on the main pages. It was done partly as a change of pace, and partly because dark lettering on bright background is easier on the eyes, especially where monitors and such are concerned.

2) About The Author

Hi there, Robert G. Male here, maybe it is ego talking, but I thought it might be interesting for you my faithful audience to read some Questions and Answers about me, the author of this E-Rag. I have thought up all of the questions that I would be interested in if I was to interview a writer or author. Hopefully this will be entertaining if not actually enlightening. I tried to ask the questions that other interviews do, as well as a couple of things I wish they would ask.

3) Horror Cinema Autopsy #1

In 1974 a director named Tobe Hooper created one of the most seminal horror movies of all time, A Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It should be noted that the word Chainsaw was separated in the title of the film, within the film. The title appears in the last line of the opening narrative provided by the voice of John Larroquette. Some consider it the granddaddy of the slasher film. Others revile it as a total piece of garbage. The truth is somewhere more in the middle.

4) Seeing Things Eh?

Josh Hubbard stared out of his kitchen window into the dark street. A man in a black trench coat with the collar up, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, stood by a streetlight. The light only made the darkness between the hat and the coat impenetrable. He seemed to be staring across the distance toward the house, but that might just be Josh's imagination. The man could be looking anywhere. He could even have his eyes closed right this instant. Why he was standing there seemed to be the most important question.

5) Not an Even Trade

Warning: May be unsuitable for some readers. This story contains mature subject matter, disturbing situations, and coarse language. Reader Discretion is Advised.

He sat inside of his house all alone as usual. Sometimes he hated the patched together house with its uneven roofs above the first floor and draughty tacked on upper floor. Fall had gone by so quickly, and already he was running the furnace and anticipating the first snow to fall. He looked forlornly out the front window in the living room at the nearly black, leafless trees. They looked as barren on their outside as he felt inside.

6) Review: Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a spaceship with a final stage experimental drive engine meant to send the ship through a wormhole to a determined destination in a star system nearby to Earth's own system. The drive is engaged and the ship disappears never to be heard from again... until seven years later it reappears as if it never left. A long range spaceship and its crew is sent out to investigate what happened, along with Dr. William Weir who designed much of the ship, and the unconventional drive.

7) Review: Cujo

The dog's name is Cujo and he is chasing the rabbit for the simple fun of it though he knows he really is a bit old for such behaviour. The rabbit falls into a hole in the ground and without thought the massive dog tries to follow it. For the rabbit there is no way out even without Cujo hot on his furry tail. Other small animals have fallen into the hole and never got back out. The hole is like a small cave and there are bats clinging to the ceiling sleeping away the bright day.

8) PSY3007 Act #1

Benjamin Roland Burke was his name and psychology was his game, or at least it was his major at Francketon University. Just this summer his parents decided to move down the road to Francketon so that he could be as close to possible to the campus without having to live in a dorm. His mother was itching for a change of scenery and his father dying for something to fill in the time after his forced early retirement.

9) Hangman's Noose #1

Everyone wants to know the secret of the Hangman, the smile on his lips. Perhaps it is an easy thing to learn. More likely though it is something unfathomable. Still it is the journey that counts and the joy is generally in the chase. Slip the noose off your imagination and come along with me. Let's see if we can't take a peek behind the scenes.

...perception is the process whereby sensory stimulation is translated into organised experience...

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