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Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™: Previews

Issue 1-6

1) Letter from the Editor

Please avoid the deja vu, but it seems that we are living out our own little horror story here in the real world. Somebody, or some dark thing has turned up the heat on us. Adding to the terror of feeling skin could melt and flesh bake off the poor people of Toronto were stuck in the middle of a union dispute that saw their garbage pile up in the roasting heat. Pretty scary stuff.

2) About Time

Time waits for no one, time marches on, and it's about time that Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™ talks about the effect that time has upon a story, in particular of course, horror stories. Time can have a great impact on a horror story. It can affect the pace, naturally. It can affect the level of tension felt both by characters within the story and by its audience. Time can change the entire flavour of a story.

3) Horror Movie Franchise Discussion #6

In 1978 John Carpenter brought to the big screen a new kind of terror. He created (in North America at least) an entire new genre of horror, the slasher film. All of the rules were there. Engaging in premarital sex, using drugs, drinking alcohol, swearing, and general wickedness would assure a character a deadly encounter with the "slasher". Halloween was the first of the morality horrors although the point wasn't overused nor was it a real focus of the film unlike say Friday the Thirteenth, which premiered two years later.

4) I Have this Dream

I walk the tree-lined avenues of that small town, now a cold dead shadow of its former self. I walk out on the highway if you can call the two lanes of cracked and unkempt asphalt a highway. The bridge is cracked and weary, much more so than I, and my heart trip hammers as I precariously walk out over its most sturdy ribs of rust and clinging stone. Finally I am across and the forest looms before me.

5) You Accused the Wrong Woman

Warning: May be unsuitable for some readers. This story contains some coarse language. Reader Discretion is Advised.

The fire burned brightly in the night. It crackled and snapped and blew sparks into the sky to be carried away by the wind. The wind callously doused the embers, sending them off into the trees as harmless ash. Ash amongst its brethren. An owl hooted in the dark woods, a forlorn sound full of anxiety. Crickets made their music of the night off and on, stopping as suddenly as they began. Something was moving in the woods tonight.

6) Review: Jeepers Creepers

Two college students, brother and sister, going to different schools, head out for home together and are badly frightened by a large colour-splotched but mostly green truck that tailgates them honking its sinister sounding horn and weaving back and forth across the road. The truck finally passes them and disappears off into the distance. A little further down the road they see the truck parked beside a boarded up building and they see something they shouldn't.

7) Review: Halloween Resurrection

This eighth instalment of the popular Halloween franchise begins three years after the conclusion of Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (#7). Laurie Strode must face off against Michael for a final time. This time things will be different. A new reality show is going to be filmed in the old boarded up Myers house. Six people have been selected to spend a night in the house and investigate what may have caused Michael to begin his reign of terror and murder.

8) The Lizard of Hallucination Part 6/Finale

Paul sat on the edge of the bed. The room was as dark as it was going to get. He could see everything clearly outlined in the ghastly light of the gas station on the opposite corner of the intersection, even through the heavy curtains. He looked around the room at the posters that covered every wall. He could make out most of the details on each and every one of them. They're eyes were unclear though, there were bright glowing patches on their pretty faces. All those female faces with indistinct eyes staring at him. It was at once comforting and a little disturbing.

9) Writing in the Dark #6

I write in the dark both literally and figuratively. I live in the dark much the same. Each is part by choice and each is part by circumstance. We all live in a world of darkness. Everyone has experiences that are different than those of everybody else. These experiences plus who we are determines how we see and interpret everything around us. Some people refer to this as bias. Bias affects our opinions, and through them and the internal dialogue within our minds the way we understand everything we encounter in the world.

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