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Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™: Previews

Issue 1-1

1) Letter from the Editor

Hello, and welcome to the premiere issue of Killing Time. I hope you have not had any difficulty in obtaining the link to this issue. Now for a little bit of explanation of just what you have drilling into your eyes here. Killing Time is my forum to get my writing out to a larger audience. It is also my forum to speak my mind about horror in books and movies, impressions on things in the horror and thriller veins, and just whatever else I feel like.

2) Don't Mock an Effigy

Throughout history man has created copies, alternate versions of himself and the creatures he shares the world with. From the idols of the most ancient of cultures to the robots of today we have been driven to create effigies, inanimate clones. For as long as we have made these effigies though there have been tales of their power, and of them taking on lives of their own.

3) Horror Movie Franchise Discussion #1

Friday the 13th is the longest running movie franchise that we have in North America. There are nine movies to date and number ten has been in the works for a while now. This has made it one of the most talked about horror series, and perhaps the most maligned. It is an icon in film that embodies the purest distillation of the horror genre's ideals. Despite the naysaying, and no doubt some of the groaning of this publication's audience it is true.

4) Make Allamagoosalum Into the Game

The Wind Howled and the dead and brown leaves chased each other across the deserted spaces. The children had made their rounds of the houses, and had stuffed themselves with their booty until their parents thought they would explode. Now they lay in their beds, blankets up and under their chins. That was the way it had been that night, the night I will never forget.

5) Just a Casual Spell

Warning: May be unsuitable for some readers. This story contains graphic sexual scenes and violence. Reader Discretion is Advised.

...Terri closed the door behind him and breathed a sigh of relief. Of all the times to run out of wax. She only hoped that Charlie's long stay didn't interfere with her casting. She stripped clothes off of her lithe body revealing her milky pale skin as she made her way up to the sanctuary with the bag of candles. The incense wafted down the stairs above her making the air redolent of mulberry. It soothed her mind and she needed to be clear before she entered her sanctuary again.

6) Review: The Devonsville Terror

During a witch hunt three women are executed. The third places a curse that in three hundred years her revenge will be extracted on the progeny of the men responsible. Three hundred years pass and three women seperately arrive in the town and face the ignorance of the small town's people who do not seem to have learned anything from the past, nor grown any into the modern world.

7) Review: The Kult RPG

When I first read this game I called it Clive Barker the Role Playing Game. It has many of the elements that Barker uses in his more horrific works. Of course Clive Barker has no ties to the game at all so the point is comparative only. The setting is dark and oppressive in a suitably gritty style. The horror comes in many different flavours, from that in the human heart to that from creatures from alternate realities.

8) The Lizard of Hallucination

The vileness bubbled in his stomach; it crept back up his esophagus, and forced gas through his intestines. He felt bloated, sick with it. In the morning it had been an exercise in torment; in the afternoon it was better, more subdued. He kept flashing back to the memory of the dream that he had had; more of a waking nightmare or a hallucination. That was how he felt about the episodes, the most recent of which still disturbed him, laying heavy in his stomach, as if he hallucinated in the moments he was awake in the middle of the night.

9) Writing in the Dark #1

I write in the dark both literally and figuratively. I live in the dark much the same. Each is part by choice and each is part by circumstance. We all live in a world of darkness. The greatest darkness or the greatest time of darkness is in those early years of our lives. As children we are surrounded by horrors both known and unknown, and appreciated and unappreciated. The dark is ingrained into us although many are never aware of it. The best examples are in our entertainment. The songs and stories for children are full of the dark that is lost upon many.

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